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How do I become a model?

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Do I need to start my own business?

All of our models and talent are independent contractors and are considered self-employed, therefore responsible for their expenses and the success of their business. If anyone makes over $600 from placement with our agency they will receive a 1099. We are required to report this income to the State and Federal agencies. Since we are not your employer you may not list us on any documents of unemployment.


What type of work is out there?

  • Commercial Modeling

  • Television Commercials

  • Retail/Catalog

  • Audio and Video

  • Fashion

  • Industrial Videos


What type of money can be made?

  • The rate of pay is dependent on what the talent or model charges along with what the client is willing to pay. Our agents can advise you on what is generally the going rate.

  • Ways to secure work

    • Great Photos

    • Good skin, healthy hair, photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera.

    • Practice, Practice, Practice

    • Test Shooting with photographers

    • Be professional and available

    • Online representation

    • Hobbies and Life experiences

    • Keep resume and information updated

    • Check in every other month or so.

  • Online Web Exposure

    • Getting your portfolio online

    • Adding video clips and or audio clips

    • Updated resume and Hobbies


Are there any fees to join or be a registered talent?

  • Other than a commission of 15%, a licensed agency in the state of Wisconsin is not allowed to charge for representation, however website exposure, photography, education, and marketing are all practical expenses one has to incur to be taken serious.

  • First Choice Talent does allow anyone to register and upload 2 photos FREE of charge.


How often do actors, models, and voice artists work?

  • These are things that dictate this.

    • Experience

    • Training

    • Availability

    • Ability to take direction

    • Quality of talent's marketing materials

    • Professionalism on the set

    • How often your "type" or “look” is requested.

The better you perform on set, the more successful we can both be.


Am I guaranteed work once I create a file?

  • While we carefully screen actors, models, and voice artists to represent, ultimately the client makes the final decision on which talent is to be hired.

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